Sunday, August 30, 2009

PR Wardrobe Preliminary Storybook

PR Wardrobe
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Here is the preliminary mock-up for the PR wardrobe. I'm not too sure on the blouse for the silk charmeuse. I'd like something a little less structured but with ruffles. Honestly, I didn't think I was the ruffle type.

Next, I'm thinking about substituting one of the Jalie wrap tops for a simple t-shirt. This is a transitional wardrobe that could be used for both spring, summer and fall. Some of the items may also be used for the winter.

The jacket fabric is closer to the actual color- less yellow and more white. I'm thinking about dropping one of the wools and making a skirt so I'd officially have a suit. We'll see.

First things first, start tracing. I've only traced 4 of the blouses and not the topper. That leaves the jacket, 1 blouse (yet to be determined) and 1 skirt. I can't wait to make the BWOF skirt. It looks pretty simple yet distinctive.

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