Monday, August 24, 2009

Juki without a name

Ok, I finally got the Juki FS600 and after a little snafoo (is that the way it's spelled?) with threader, I'm back in business. Still no name that I can pronounce;) Geeksewing (aka- something else I can't remember) gave many suggestions but being the white-chic-from-Oklahoma that I am, I can't pronounce most of the them correctly. If you can help, please do! She needs a proper name.

Also, the PR contest starts next week and I've been busy changing my mind on fabrics and patterns. The tops will go quickly but the pants are another story. Unfortunately, I think it might be a hurdle I have a whim to not cross. Please help cheer me on to at least finish. I plan to keep a blog of the progress- good or bad. Sorry if it's full of pictures and wordy- you've been forewarned.

I have removed fabric from the running and ordered some really nice knits from Emma One Sock for a skirt. Furthermore, the top selection will now include #110 BWOF 1/09 top.

I'd love to make some pants from this issue but again, am chicken on such a time constraint. Three months doesn't seem like a short time but 10 items with a fitted jacket that will be lined and interlined will be a challenge for me since I am teaching again on my day off. (Stupid me for taking that assignment;)

Has anyone tried the BWOF pants who can give me the heads up? Also, I read about cutting out silk charmeuse using spray starch to stiffen it- have you ever tried this? Seems smart to me but I don't want to mess up the silk.

Fear is controlling my sewing- must take those pills for boldness... now where did I put them????


  1. The name will come to you. One day, while sewing up a storm, the name will just come to you.

    About the sewing projects, I would go with your gut instinct. Pants are definitely another story when you've got a fitted jacket in the mix. I suggest a TNT pant pattern (hopefully, you have one) and just add a different detail.

  2. I use starch on charmeuse (and pretty much any flimsy fabric) all the time. But, if it is silk and not poly I will cut out a 4x4 piece and run it through the washer to see if washing affects it. If it doesn't, I go ahead and prewash and starch.

  3. You have a great blog. I'd love for you to come and visit my blog. I just made a Vintage Vogue Original 1944 Design, V2858. On the previous page you'll find a dress I made from an original 1974 pattern that I found in an antique store. I call that post The Lady in Lavender. And lots of other things in between. Hope you enjoy.