Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Projects from my stash

Fortunately, I'm still receiving the BWOF magazine and August has a few things I'm considering making. I don't know which to make with a lightweight wool twill I have in my stash but it is a toss-up between these two jackets. (Photos are technical drawings from www.burdafashion.com)

The first jacket is much more structured and definitely something I would wear-probably for many years to come.

This caplet is totally different for me and at first, I thought it was ugly. Now it has grown on me. I don't know how long I'd wear this style but it's different. I wonder if my wardrobe needs something different?!

I'm planning projects for my MIA Juki. It still hasn't arrived but I will have a few items ready to sew when (if) it ever gets here. For the fall, I'm planning on making a trench coat from stash fabric I got last year. Recently I won muslin from Lindsey T. Sews that she says is good for a muslin fitting for jackets. I'm hoping this makes my trench coat timeless so I can later make a raincoat. Since she's such a wonderful sewist (is that PC?) I figure it will rub off on my sewing!

Snoop shopping at Nordstrom gave me the idea to use a running stitch for accents on the jacket if I make the one with the interesting lapels. There were so many cute things there but I kept telling myself, "I can make that for so much less." Well, most of those projects will never be made.


  1. I love both patterns! I agree that the jacket would get more wear, and for longer, but one of the advantages to sewing is that you can have quirky pieces like a little cape...but, I think if it were me I would make the jacket. Because I'm boring like that!!

  2. If it were me, I'd choose depending on how much I love the fabric. If it's special, use it for the jacket you'll have longer. If it's one you like but aren't head over heels in love with, the capelet. Or toss a coin ;-)

  3. You're right- I should make something fun like the cape but may not use this fabric. It's a nice winter white wool twill. It wasn't terribly expensive but not cheap. Time to revisit my stash and look for something that will work but will cost less. Maybe I'll recycle something from the thrift store mens department if I can. There is always nice wool from suits and I can replace the lining with something new. What do you think?

  4. On, no! Please don't say "if"!!

    You know... I tried the "my wardrobe needs something different," and the dress ended up a wadder... That muslin you won will really come in handy. Now I wish I had done a muslin myself! But I really dislike making muslins.