Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working Through the Stash

I've been finishing items from the UFO and stash piles this week.  The first shirt for my husband, actually the muslin, has been cut out and is ready to assemble.  I'll show the progress as it occurs.  The little red dress is done and photos will be coming as of Tues. evening when the party is here.

The Hot Patterns Boudoir PJs have almost become a wadder.  The pant legs are large enough for me to stand in one leg alone.  I don't want to destroy them but will probably be cutting the legs down by about half so I lose the Samurai appearance- that's not attractive.  Again, more pictures to follow. (promises, promises)  I am hopeful the top for this pattern is more attractive.  A muslining I will go...

Projects to finish up December:
1. Muslin and hopefully 1 shirt for my husband
2. Hot Patterns Boudoir PJ top
3. Finish the Amy Butler bags
4. Complete the re-hemming of my RTW pants that always seem to come apart

Stay tuned for photos.

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