Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party Dress- BWOF

Just some photos of the final dress and thoughts...

This is without a shaper and honestly, I didn't like the shaper.  The fabric had a tendency to cling to it and make it all wrinkly.  I will try a tricot slip next time.

Hubby was in a hurry since he likes to get places early so this is all I got- 2 out-of-focus pictures.  Hopefully I can take more this afternoon since it's sunny outside.  FYI, the shaper kept me really warm but it was like I was trying on a little girl's pair of pants or a.k.a., packing sausage.


  1. Beautiful dress. You look terrific! And how perfect for a Christmas party!

  2. I just wore this dress to my work party last night! I love your red version. Va-va-voom!

  3. You look gorgeous! Red is a great color on you

  4. Beautiful dress! I think you got a more balanced and flattering fit than the magazine photos shows.