Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Zebra for coat
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I'm finishing up a late Christmas gift and then off to trace an Ottobre jacket pattern 5/2009 #6 for this fabric.  After much consideration and lots of opinions, thanks ladies, it will be official today.  Since the snow is so reflective, I think it will be a good day to trace on the window- cold, but good.  My husband has committed to watch the dog and play with her so I can get this started.

Since this will be my first Ottobre pattern, a muslin is definitely in order.  I'm going to test the fabric as well for changes that may occur when ironing/pressing with a cloth and at different settings.  No washing for this coat since the fabric is a silk/linen upholstery fabric.

I've washed the cotton flannel and am considering interlining the front and back for warmth but will decide that after I get the fashion fabric cut out because it might be heavy enough.  Really, can I ever be too warm?

BTW, the high today is 28 F without the wind and it's still snowing.  I helped dig someone out yesterday because they got stuck in a driveway.  Where do I live again?  This weather is definitely different.  We're nearing a foot of snow today- happy sewing.


  1. Can't wait to see it! I think the lines of the pattern are perfect for your fabric. I know it will turn out fabulous!!

  2. That fabric is fantastic, I can't wait to see the finished jacket!

  3. What a beautiful fabric! Happy New Year!