Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BWOF Dress 5/09-103B Done

(Photo from Burda Fashion.com)
It's a hot little dress!  Sooner Red baby.

 This is the bodice over exposed to show detail.  I doubled the front bodice fabric to give it some beefiness so it would hold up better.  Also, no FBA was necessary but  small swayback, broad back and round back adjustments were made.  I used clear elastic cut 3.5 cm shorter than the cross-over portion of the bodice to make it hug better.

The cuffs were the most ambiguous part of the instructions with basically- turn the cuff.  Hmm, the pattern didn't allow for turning the cuff so it would look like the picture.  So, I improvised.  I sewed the sleeve right sides together from the armscye to the first turn and then flipped it inside out and sewed from the first turn until the end with the wrong sides together.  Then, I turned the cuff and slip stitched it into place. Viola!

The hem is fused with Fusi-Knit interfacing.  I then hand stitched the hem to the interfacing for a completely invisible hem as you can/can't see above.

(photo: Burdafashion.com)

As you can tell from the Burda photo, it is a fitted dress.  I don't feel comfortable showing off my stuff like that so I let the side seams out in the skirt by 1/4" in each and now it fits nicely.  Also, since I'm not 5'6 I had to shorten the dress by 1.5" so it hit slightly above the knee.  Not too vampy for my hubby's Christmas party.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make nice Italian shoes I'd be set in life...

More pictures of me wearing it will be posted later.


  1. Beautiful dress! I'd love to see it on you.

  2. Yes, please model it! It looks gorgeous!

  3. Lovely dress! I love the red color!