Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Dress

I have decided to make a dress for my husband's company's Christmas party.  The one I have chosen is a BWOF 5-2009-103. (photos from

It looks very fitted on the model and I assume she must have a shaper on to make it look so smooth.  The pleating in the front is like the technical drawing but less like the model.  I considered not having a center back seam but knew I'd have to take a swayback adjustment and upper back curve adjustment.  My major concern was the front and whether it was too low cut and not enough coverage requiring major adjustments.

I have started on the muslin and so far, it appears to fit straight off the pattern for a 36.

The dress is going to be a true red jersey knit of a heavier weight.  I'll post more photos as I get started- the dress needs to be done by next week.  I'd really like to get a pair of sexy shoes but since I'm on a limited budget this year, it probably won't happen.  But look at my choices:

This is my number 1 choice- glittery without being over the top and sexy as can be!

A practical pair but just as sexy.  (do you see the theme?)

 Practical yet...

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  1. It looks really hot on the model and you are curvy enough to carry it off. Watch out for those shoulders, so it doesn't feel like it wants to fall off from the shoulders.

    Have you worn a shaper? I haven't, I don't have a clue what to buy.