Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help! Should I rip this out and change the lining?

Ok, I'm working on the jacket for the wardrobe contest and it's going together fantastically but when I starting sewing in the lining I noticed something odd. It looks like the fabric is a little too see-thru and the pale pink lining is showing through. Darn, I love that lining!!! Well, here are the photos. I need an honest opinion fast since time is of the essence. What do you think- rip it out and add white or stay with the pink. BTW, the jacket has been interlined with silk organza and interfacing where necessary so you're seeing the fabric at it's thickest and least translucent. I do have some white flannel I could add to the body of the jacket but probably not the sleeves so the pink will show no matter what. Please help me decide FAST!


  1. I think I would rip it out, but can you not line the sleeves too? Hope you don't mind my posting. I'm a kc pinhead hopeful (someday I'll get back to Olathe and meet everyone). Jacket looks great by the way. I'll be sure to vote for you.

  2. Lorri, I agree. If I have to ask then I already know the answer;) Thanks for commenting. It's open to everyone so hope you find some interesting things to keep you entertained on the site. Thanks!