Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Try Again

After considering all the advice and realizing it was all the same, I've decided to rip out the pink lining on the jacket.  The new lining is crepe-back satin in winter white and it's almost completely attached.  Back on the road again with just one more bump...

The Jalie top is almost done but my coverstitch machine attempted to consume the fabric.   Being new to this machine, I didn't realize it might need some reinforcement.  So, I hemmed the sleeves and it was for lack of a better term, a disaster!  The sleeves will be slightly shorter now.

Here are some photos of the parts that worked out on the blouse.  No need to show you the failures since I've had my share and have learned much from them.

This is the photo of the collar- I didn't have matching serger thread (my little inside secret) so you can see it is light gray.  I added a band 1 inch in width (2.5 in total) to the neck edge.  It could have used some fusible interfacing because this jersey is lightweight- 11oz to be exact.  This photo shows the color much better.

I used clear elastic to help keep it from gapping.  It was added via serging.

I don't have any photos of me wearing it yet.  This weekend I'll catch up on all of that.  (Since my last day at my current company is Friday, I'll have more time to finish these things.)

Tomorrow, topper tales...

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