Monday, September 21, 2009

Jacket Shell Done

Another item is on the way to being done. The BWOF topper is 1/2 done. I've finished the outside and all that is left is the lining. I think it's really better than 1/2 done. One thing I wished is that the interfacing wasn't so heavy. It was lightweight but doesn't allow the collar to drape like I want. I may try to remove a layer of it so it's only on one side of the facing. We'll see.

So, progress is as follows:

Tops- 1 sewn
Bottoms- 1 sewn
Topper- 1/2 done

That leaves sewing the 4 tops and 3 bottoms. I think once the topper is done this will come together quickly. Everything is cut out so I'm on my way. I'll post pictures of the jacket progress later. It's bedtime.

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